04/08/2004: "I forget..."

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In the words of Rebecca from Cheers: "I am too stupid to live." I must have seriously gotten my weeks mixed up somewhere along the way. I woke up yesterday morning to realize that I had missed the Decemberists show at the Casbah the night before, which I had been looking forward to for weeks. Despite being somewhat annoyed with myself, I just thought hey well at least there's the Joy Electric/Mike Knott show this weekend. Turns out that was last weekend. Which is swell. I need to start taking ginko biloba. Or, you know, medicine that combats dysthymia and social anxiety disorder. But I digress. Still, on the plus side all of my friends are going out of town this weekend so uh, wait. Ah well, I don't need friends or the possibility of leaving the house this weekend. Doctor Who will be my friend, and Dantooine will be my home (man, now that's good pathetic).

In other news after having the hit counter up and running since monday, I've somehow gotten 9 unique hits. 9! Admittedly I'm pretty sure two of those are me, but that's still at least 7 people reading this, which is nearly twice as many as I expected. Why, there could be people I don't know reading this *right now*. The mind, it boggles. To any such stranger let me just say: Thanks for reading my whiny, narcissistic, depressed complaining.

One other thing I can think of that's worth mentioning right now: All Wizards of the Coast stores are currently going out of business. From what I hear Hasbro has been looking for an excuse to shut down the stores since they bought WotC a few years back. I haven't been in yet but I hear things are going dirt cheap. I'm personally planning on stopping by tonight and getting some dice (and who knows what else they'll have). I have this plan to develop some kind of dice-based system for figuring out where or what to eat for dinner. Who knows, maybe I'll come up with something cool and post it on here. I've got some ideas for it that amuse me, at least. That's it for me for now.

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