01/29/2004: "Honestly"

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I've noticed lately that I've been using the word honestly far too much. It was originally one of those words that I used solely for amusement in the "Honestly, I don't know what I'm gonna do with you." way. But my useage has increased up to somewhere in the 20 times a day range, and I usually say it without thinking. I'm seriously beginning to annoy myself. Which brings me to my topic for the day, (I didn't actually realize I had a topic of the day until I started writing this.), artificially introducing words into one's own vocabulary.

It's an odd thing, there are certain words which you can just say hey, I really like that sound of that word, and you're suddenly using it all the time. Others you try and you try but your brain just won't accept them. Let me give a couple examples. Over the last year I have intentionally introduced at least four words into my spoken vocabulary which I now use on a fairly regular basis. These words are: "Cripe", "Oi" (as a greeting), "w00t", and "yeah?" (as a way to end a sentence... you know what I mean, yeah?). All of these words came from seperate sources but are now deeply ingrained into my speech patterns. I also, however, attemped to bring back an old favorite from the 70s with little to no success whatsoever. My friends and family will attest that I do not ever use the word "boss". Which is unfortunate because I quite enjoy the word, in fact think it's very boss. Then there's certain words which enter in quite unwelcomed and take root so deeply that there's no shaking them off depsite the fact that they're driving you insane. Honestly. Well, quite honestly.

If language is a virus, then why are some of us immune to certain words which become infectious in others? Is it some matter of brain chemistry or psychology that allows me to use the word "groovy" without any significant thought? Is groovy simply a more virulent word than boss? Will we ever find a cure for the common cool? I honestly couldn't tell you.

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