01/24/2004: "First Post"

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Well, here we go. First blog post ever for me. Enough of my friends are running blogs now that I was beginning to feel left out. Eventually there's supposed to be more on this site than just a blog though. I had in mind a music section (5c11 is ostensibly the name under which I'll be doing electronic music), an art section, etc. If I ever actually get around to doing any worthwhile music or art that is. Emphasis on worthwhile. And of course the template isn't even close to finalized yet, but I was tired of working on it and thought that actually posting sounded more interesting.

Well, it's been a lonely day for me today. Saw my roommate Pat for about 30 seconds, and pretty much no one else all day, unless you count the lady who runs the japanese place I had dinner tonight. But then that's what this is all about right? The whole blog phenomena, really the whole internet for that matter is nothing more than millions of lonely people looking for whatever it is that they can't find in their regular lives, be it friendship, sex (that's a big one), or in my case the ability to complain and pretend that somebody out there cares. We're all just screaming out into the digital void and dreaming that those bits will bounce off someone's eyes somewhere and mean something to them.

Well, that's it for me tonight, can't go too crazy on the first post now can we?

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