Wednesday, October 12th

I can't see without my glasses!

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Current mood: way too caffinated for this time of night

So then. Large and exciting news (Ok well, small and relatively uninteresing news unless you happen to be me): I picked up my resplendantly gleaming new pair of glasses today. Now, I normally just wear contacts, but every now and then I might accidentally leave them in at night and be rendered blind the next day or they'll get dry and make my eyes sore, you know, all the things that contacts do that are occasionally annoying. So, having just gotten my eyes examined and having a shiny new prescription, I decided to get some glasses.

Now, perhaps this will count as my most dull blog post to date but this is exciting for me since the last time I got glasses was, oh, about 12 years ago. Which means that that pair doesn't actually do anything at all anymore (back then my vision was about 20/40, now it's 20/alot. I don't remember the number but basically the only thing I can read is the big E). But the really exciting part is that these are bonafied nerd glasses. Big thick black things. I think they make me look a bit like Buddy Holly, which is always a good thing. Well, I'm excited anyway. And I had to find some excuse to blog, this place is dead lately.

Let's see, in other news... hmm... other news. In other news there isn't really any other news. Wow, I honestly can't really think of anything. Halloween is coming up I guess, and I've got a cool costume in mind. And I think it's obscure enough that practically nobody will get it, which is the goal of any good costume. Perhaps I'll post a picture if it turns out well. Um, hmm. I can say that Yotsuba To! (or Yotsuba&!) by Azuma Kiyohiko is one of the most charming things I've ever read. I wouldn't normally go around recommending manga to people, but if you at all like things that are happy, it's practically a must-read. And, speaking of reading, no, the sidebar is up to date... I really need to finish Dune already. But you know, sometimes you just stop reading something and it takes an incredible amount of willpower to get started again, even if you're enjoying the thing. Don't know why that is.

Anyway, that's enough babbling from me for tonight. Me and my snazzy new glasses (which will probably end up giving me super-powers of some type) gots other things to do.

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