Saturday, July 11th


Listening to: nothing
Current mood: agéd

Wow, it seems I've gotten terribly old.

It's odd... actually hitting 30. I've been dreading it for so long, now that it's here it's just like, eh whatever. I still feel like a kid. (In fact, I got up today, ate a bowl of marshmallow cereal and rode my skateboard down to the coffee shop and back, and plans for the day include playing Metroid (Prime 3) and eating a hot dog for lunch). I'm don't think I'm ever going to nail that "serious adult" thing that people seem so crazy for. I sure hope not.

That said, I do feel like I need to get a move on with life - work on art/writing/music more, actually take the GRE and start applying to some schools, stuff like that. I'm hoping that at least subconsciously, being in my third decade will give me a little extra motivation. I mean, damn, 40's coming up and that point you're pretty much staring death full in the face (don't quote me on that).

Ah well, here's to the sweet heady days of youth, long past. Now begins the Age of age.

Matt on 07.11.09 @ 11:04 AM PST [link]  [No Comments]