Sunday, May 18th

Brewblogue: Bunny

Listening to: Beat Blender
Current mood: overly warm

Water: 7 or so Gallons filtered Hillcrest tap water
  • 12.5lb domestic 2-row
  • 0.5lb Crystal 10

Yeast: 0.5 gallon starter of WLP001 - California Ale
Hops: 1.0oz 5.1%AA Willamette @ 60
Mashed at 152° for 60 minutes. Boiled 70 minutes.
Added 1.5 Gallons filtered water to top

OG: 1.050

So yeah, 5 gallon batch in the apartment is not necessarily the best idea. I'm basically going to write this one off as an experiment. If it turns out that'll be awesome, but if not I won't be too surprised. Basically if I could do something wrong with this batch it was done wrong. I forgot to vorlauf the first runnings, the hose slipped out onto the floor while I was siphoning it into the carboy, I broke my hydrometer (luckily Matt was home and I was able borrow his), et, cetera. And topping it off with tap water at the end just felt sorta wrong.... Eh, maybe it'll work out maybe no.

As for why it's called Bunny? Well, you try coming up with beer names all the time and see if you don't run out of ideas on occasion.
Matt on 05.18.08 @ 09:31 PM PST [link]  [No Comments]