Monday, April 19th

Brewblogue - The Return of Nut Brown Jenkins

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Water: Filtered San Diego tap
  • 10.5lb British Pale
  • 1lb Victory
  • 0.5lb Special Roast
  • 0.5lb Crystal 40
  • 0.25lb British Chocolate

Yeast: WLP013 - London Ale
  • 38g rather old Fuggles (probably 4.4% AA?)@ 60 min
  • 15g (I think) rather old Fuggles @ 5 min

Mashed at 152 for 60 minutes. Boiled 70 minutes.
Topped off with 2 gallons filtered tap water.

OG: 1.053ish

And then there was that time that I didn't post for 6 months. I mean the other time. I mean... HEY SHUT UP. So this weekend was the NHC first round competition, which, as always, I did data entry for. Which was pretty exhausting. But since I was already giving up most of my weekend to beer I decided to go ahead and make it a beer weekend. Which proved to be even more exhausting but that's neither here nor there.

I've been needing to brew since October when I won an entire pound of Fuggles at the Oktoberfest Picnic. And there they've sat, in the freezer, in a styrofoam container since then (don't hit me!). (I've also got a couple ounces of whole Cascades in there, but they're vacuum sealed so they should be ok for a while yet, no?) So it had to be something British, and since the recipe I have for brown porter calls for the rather unavailable brown malt, and since Lynnea hates ESBs, I decided to bring back Nut Brown Jenkins. (This is actually pretty much a totally different recipe than the original Nut Brown Jenkins but who cares, I like the name).

Brewing went pretty slowly, especially the sparge - I've got to get a new hose braid/manifold thingy. I also must have vastly underestimated my mash efficiency and messed up on my wort volume because at the end I came out with about 4 gallons of 1.080 wort, instead of the 5 gallons of 1.050-something I expected. At that point in the day every surface in the kitchen was covered in dirty brewing equipment so I just soaked my filter in sanitizer for a couple minutes and ran it directly into the carboy. Even though I'm told there's nothing in San Diego tap water that should cause a problem I still really really hate having to do that.

But enough of this beer stuff, next weekend it's back to sweet, sweet video games.

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