Saturday, April 26th

Activity! Catch the fever!

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Good gravy. I think someone made a typo somewhere and wrote "unseasonably warm" when they meant "unspeakably". Although it's kind of nice in a will-sapping kind of way.

So, you know I didn't realize that I actually hadn't posted anything since January. That's kind of ridiculous. There really hasn't been a lot going on that's really been worth blogging about though, at least that I've noticed. I guess we went to Disneyland at some point, and purchased fabulous technologies (new lappy for Lynnea, new monitor for me) but mostly it's been the usual going to work, watching anime, reading (comics and real books) playing the Wii, eating, sleeping, etc. Oh and they opened a BookOff down here, which is super-awesome.

Well until a couple weeks ago that is. Which was when the 2008 World Beer Cup happened and guess who were volunteers... yep, Lynnea and me. For those that don't know the World Beer Cup, it's a very large, very prestigious international commercial beer competition. I actually don't know how much I'm supposed to say about it... the organizers kind of seemed to want the behind-the-scenes stuff kept fairly private, but it was really a lot of fun. If you ever had the opportunity to be staff at this kind of event... well, it's tons of work, but it's fantastic. And you get paid in leftover beer (a case a day which worked out to 3 for us) plus all-you-can-taste-while-still-being-able-to-function during, so what could be better?

And actually that's not the only thing that's been keeping me busy the last few weeks. The Sunday before we did the WBC we went to an AHA membership rally (Lynnea and I are now AHA members, woo!) up at Port Brewing in San Marcos. And let me tell you something... Port Brewing is really, deeply impressive. Wooden barrels everywhere. And they did a special release of Veritas 002 for the rally, which I believe is a Flemish Red (can't find it on their website), but is utterly smacky regardless. And Tomme Arthur was there giving tours and the whole thing was pretty darn cool.

Then last week we had Lynnea's mom and brother come down for her cousin's wedding up in (ack) Riverside. And the wedding was nice and I like Lynnea's family and all but the whole thing was utterly exhausting. And NOW, Lynnea's friend Anesha is in town visiting for the next week, but Anesha's way more mellow and easier to deal with than the in-laws. Dare I say... fun to have around?

Anyway, I'm just working at trying to recuperate this weekend. And I'm blogging because if I didn't after the last two weeks it would be time to give up on the whole concept. That and because the purple comet levels on Mario Galaxy are hell and I don't want to play them anymore (whoever designed the level "Luigi's Purple Coins" is now officially on my enemies list).

Alright, enough of this. Back to loafing.
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