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Brewblogue - Old Snakey

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Ah... or you know, I might remember to post this a month later or some such thing...

Water: Filtered San Diego tap
  • 20lbs Domestic 2-row
  • 4.5lb Belgian Munich
  • 1.75lb Caramunich 80
  • 0.75lb Crystal 60

Yeast: WLP001 - California Ale (Yeast cake from Hornbier I)
  • 56g? Summit 16.5% First Wort Hopping
  • ??g Super Alpha 12.7% @ 60min
  • 28g? Centennial? 8.7% @ 10min

Mashed at 154 for 60 minutes. Boiled 80 minutes.

OG: around 1.096

Hmm... I have more or less completely forgotten my hop schedule. I guess that's why you're supposed to put this stuff down the day you do it.

So, I totally thought this beer was going to be a complete and utter failure. I based it on Denny Conn's "Old Stoner" recipe (with substitutions based on things I already had and thing homebrewmart was out of) and had never done the whole first wort hopping thing. So when it came time to add the bittering hops it suddenly occured to me that "wait... the first wort hops are going to be boiling the entire time too... that's going to be a crazy amount of bitterness (something like 250 IBU, I thought)... I must have misunderstood something!" But not knowing what else to do I just decided to cut back my bittering hops slightly and hope for the best.

Now, I also totally missed my gravity with this one... I'm constantly ending up with less wort than I want at the end of the boil so I played it pretty fast and loose with the sparge/strike water. A little too fast and loose... I ended up with almost 7 gallons after boiling. So I put as much as would fit into the carboy and dumped the extra.

And man, oh Manuel did this thing ferment. Within 3 hours of dropping it onto the yeast cake it started going crazy and stayed crazy for at least 3 days. I mean, we had to close the door to bedroom for a couple night because the bubbling (used a blowoff instead of an airlock) was keeping us awake. In fact it still woke me up once or twice even with the door shut.

BUT... when I was racking it into my 5 gallon secondary a couple weeks ago, I ended up with an extra half gallon that wouldn't fit. Being the economical type that I am, I put it in a growler and put in the fridge for a couple days and have been drinking a glass every now and then since. And it's good. Even uncarbonated and full of sediment, it's really not bad at all. Unless something terrible happens between now and when it's put in the bottle, it's gonna be some tasty stuff. And through some process I deeply deeply do not understand, the bitterness is pretty restrained. In fact, I shouldn't have cut back the bittering hops at all. Weird. I guess there's a reason that Denny guy wins awards.

Oh, as for the name? Beats me, I just liked the sound of it.

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