Sunday, March 28th


Listening to: Morrissey - "Southpaw Grammar"
Current mood: hung over

Well, once again it's sunday afternoon and let's face facts, the weekend's blown. Not that it really matters, I basically had an extended spring break last week. Lynnea came down for a couple of days and we had fun running around going to the zoo and eating out and that sort of thing. So really, the week after my spring break was way more enjoyable than my actual one, go figure. Of course Lynnea leaving on wednesday was cause for all sorts of melancholy and depression and the like, but that comes with the territory I suppose.

What I'm currently doing is sitting here listening to Morrissey (yes, I like Morrissey) and nursing another undeserved hangover. I can't figure out these hangovers that I get without feeling the slightest hint of drunkeness the night before. They're simply unfair. I think I must occasionally go days without drinking water and not notice it. (hmm... if a camel were to get drunk... would he keep the booze in his hump and just be drunk for months? what the hell am I talking about?)

As a side note though, Old Peculier is a really good beer. To my not terribly beer educated mind it falls somewhere between a strong ale and a cream porter. To borrow a phrase... "it's boo-snickety good!" Alright... I guess this post is going absolutely nowhere. I'll try to post again with something intelligent sometime before next weekend. Empahsis on try.

Matt on 03.28.04 @ 02:02 PM PST [link

Sunday, March 21st

Spring Broken

Listening to: none
Current mood: sleepy

Yeah, I know, lame subject. But honestly, another week like the last one would be the death of me. In case you didn't guess I haven't posted in awhile because I've been on spring break (plus the week before was some kind of sadistic sping anti-break). Which would theorhetically give me more time in which to post, but the overwhelming underwhelmingness of the whole thing was such that what small amount of motivation I can sometimes summon up was shattered beneath a wave of boredom and apathy.

Yeah, I've been having a great time... why do you ask?

But seriously, I can't think of any way in which I could have had a less interesting spring break. I spent it at my parents' house up near the Oregon border, which may have been part of the problem. Still, I can usually keep myself somewhat entertained up here. I mean, my folks have a hot tub, and get the Food Network. I arfin' love the Food Network (saying "arfin'" amuses me, all right?)). And there's all my cool worthless old junk in my room and such. It's usually not bad. This time around consisted mainly of four activites: 1. Working remotely. 2. Watching X-Play for an hour every day. 3. Waiting for Lynnea to finish with work and/or school. 4. Reading. Actually #4 wasn't so bad, I think I'm starting to turn into a geniune fan of Jonathan Letham, and I'd been meaning to read Dracula for quite awhile now.

Ah well, at least I'll be back in San Diego soon and I can go back to slacking. Goofing off when you have nothing to do is far less rewarding.

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Tuesday, March 2nd

Han Shoots First

Listening to: Decemberists - Castaways and Cutouts
Current mood: Tired

Not much going on, just a regular tuesday for me. This is just a quick post because I saw this link on slashdot and wanted to try to spread it a bit. (Not that I actually believe that anyone reads this). It seems that there's a petition running at www.originaltrilogy.com to have the Star Wars Trilogy released on DVD in its original theatrical format. Let's face it, Special Edition was a enjoyable event for all us Star Wars fans (some of whom had never even seen the Trilogy in letterbox) but ultimately detracts from the films that we all grew up with (Greedo... need I say more?).

So, not that I think an internet petition will do anything at all, but go sign it anyway. If nothing else, maybe it will make Lucas realize he's gone hopelessly insane since 1983.

Matt on 03.02.04 @ 07:20 PM PST [link