Thursday, January 26th


Listening to: nothing
Current mood: not bad

Ok, I'll be the first to admit it's been a little while. Part of that is due to our impending move down to San Diego, and the tortures of apartment hunting (seriously, I think just about every landlord assumes that if you're from out of town, you're moving in solely for the purpose of building a meth lab. actually, one lady was so rude I was considering calling her back in various fake voices and asking her if the neighborhood would be a good place to put in a crackhouse).

Another part of my lack of posting has been the thought that maybe I need to pull back a little and try to refine the blog's focus a little more. I originally started this page with the intention that it would be comprised of creative, interesting, and insightful posts on whatever subjects were capturing my attention at the time (I was really trying the first few entries... I mean don't go back and read them or anything, but I was), but it's basically devolved into the occasional chore of posting some complaint or other every couple weeks or month. And while I'm sure the random, frequently depressed ramblings of a bored 20-something living in the middle of nowhere are interesting to some people, I think most of the "blogosphere" (or at least most of MySpace) is already dedicated to that sort of thing. Usually written by people who post a whole lot more than I do.

The problem is, I haven't really come up with a focus that I think I could keep up with. I often have fun with my comic book posts, but there are literally tons of better comics blogs out there than anything I could come up with. I'd likewise be in over my head on music posts, anime posts, manga posts (and really, could much be more annoying than a blog about anime or manga?), etc. Perhaps my recent rediscovery of the fact that I love old japanese role-playing games might make for good reading? Perhaps, but does anyone care? These are the problems which currently plague me. I'm vaguely considering posting on all of the above, going for a sort of pop culture explosion kinda thing, but I think I need to put more thought into that as well.

Needless to say, both I and the blog are currently in a state of flux. I'm going to try to fix the comments thing, so if I still have any readers at this point, and anyone has any ideas of where the blog should go, post away.

Matt on 01.26.06 @ 06:54 PM PST [link