09/26/2009: "Travelblogue - Day 8"

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Hmm, notice how these posts are getting shorter and shorter, and also less frequent? I'm pretty sure that's fatigue setting in. So once again, York is cool, not enough time here, etc. Today we walked around the entire (ok, well we actually missed a small section) city walls, did a bit of shopping (Lynnea found multiple cutie shops, as we call them), and went to the York Brewery. We were going to do a ghost walk tonight but the one we picked already had a crowd of 200 people or something like that (I guess it is saturday night after all) so we skipped it. That's just way too big a crowd for a proper ghost walk.

The York Brewery is awesome by the way. They're really friendly folks and the beer there is past tasty. Got a bit of swag from there, including a cool little jug/pitcher thing that I really hope makes it home. We really weren't sure we wanted to do a brewery tour (let's face it, if you know how to make beer, most brewery tours are not entirely fascinating) but it ended up seriously being the high point of the day.

Anyway, assuming we can find the right bus, we're off to Whitby in the morning. Don't know if we'll manage to find wifi there, it's a rather small town (13k or so), but you never know.

Now is time for the sleep.

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It helped in York Brewery's favor that the owner(i'm 99% sure) gave the tour and shared all the juicy details about the running of the brewery. All the ups and downs stuff, not just about how many awards they won(although there was a bit of that thrown in). He also seems to enjoy drinking just before and just after giving a tour so that always makes things more fun. A truly fantastic guy running an award winning brewery.

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