12/16/2007: "Brewblogue: +/-80/-"

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Water: 4.5Gallons filtered Hillcrest tap water

  • 4.5lbs Maris Otter
  • 0.5lbs Crystal 40
  • 0.2lbs Crystal 120
  • 0.25lbs Honey Malt
  • 0.25lbs Munich Malt
  • 0.1lbs Chocolate Malt

Yeast: Yeast cake from Dark Mild - WLP002 English Ale
Hops: 0.42oz East Kent Goldings @ 80 minutes

Mashed at ~158° for 60 minutes. Boiled ~80 minutes.

OG: 1.045

Alright, rockin the apartment all-grain once again. This batch we went for a Scottish Export 80 Schilling. Nothing too different this time around, although we had the system down way better the second time. It still took us a little while longer than we expected, especially the boil and cooling down the wort afterwards. But we landed right in the middle of the style as far as gravity goes which is pretty cool, and I think we hit our mash temp pretty well this time... maybe a degree or two off but I don't think much more.

And I guess because we dumped it on to the yeast cake from the previous batch (which we also bottled today), we've gotten a really fast start. I think it went into the carboy around 6:30 tonight and it was bubbling like crazy by 9 or so. Bubbling kind of annoyingly actually. Ah well. So this thing should sit until sometime after the new year at which point we may do another or we may not depending on how we feel (I've been thinking that a chocolate cherry stout in time for Valentines might be fun...).

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Yes, the beer kept me awake all night with his gastrointestinal problems.

[Lynnea] on Monday, December 17th

Dude, you might now this, being way more active in the homebrew circles than I as of late...

Now that the hop shortage has trickled down to homebrewers, what varieties are missing? I saw an e-mail on AHA tech-talk that suggested that the "C-hops" were in short supply.

[Zac] on Friday, January 11th

Zac - Yeah it's definitely trickled down. I had to go to a different homebrew store than usual to get the EKGs for the last two. And prices have just about doubled in the last six months or so. A lot of people are eschewing IPAs and the like. Apparently they're expecting it to stabilize either next season or the following, but this year's a bit tight.

[5c11] on Friday, January 11th

Hmm. I have some Summit in the freezer... Need to use that soon.

[Zac] on Saturday, January 12th

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