10/20/2006: "beer nerdism"

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Ok... so it wasn't tomorrow... but a couple days later isn't too bad, eh? Have I ever mentioned how much I like not working on Fridays? I probably haven't, because working 4 days a week just because you don't feel like working 5 and somehow getting away with it is the type of thing that makes some people crazy. But it's great I tell you, and I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. But enough of that, lest the torches and pitchforks be broken out.

So I promised the other day that I would talk all about my recent adventures in beer. It all started with a scuba tank and a 40,000 gallon vat of beer... No I'm kidding. Sorry, that's a terrible joke and I blame it entirely on being hopped up on sugar from the small bag of donuts I just ate for breakfast. But seriously, what did happen is I went to my very first Quaff meeting the other night. What's a Quaff you ask? Why, it's the Quality Ale and Fermemtation Fraternity. In other words, it's a homebrewers club, albeit one of the largest and most successful homebrewing clubs out there.

And actually, I had a really good time. Friends and readers of this blog will no doubt have noticed that I am never exactly at my best in large social situations, but everybody was really nice there and of course everybody was drinking, which takes the edge off considerably. But yeah, it was a really a lot of fun... they meet a brew pub up in Mira Mesa (the only drawback - that's kinda far) and people bring in their homebrew for everybody to taste (a few of them were exceptionally good too...), and there's a lecture on beer stuff (this week we had AleSmith founder Skip Virgilio talking about CO² pressure in draft systems), and people tell stories about recent trips to interesting places that involve beer. Basically it's just incredibly nerdy and fun. Which, I had never really given much thought to any kind of beer nerdism, but I tell you it is a nerdy nerdism, and it is great.

And in fact, I think I'm planning on joining, since dues are only $20 a year and include a 10% discount at the Home Brew Mart. Plus they do stuff like go on brewery tours and "pub crawls" and all kinds of fun stuff like that (apparently the last "pub crawl" included all the tasters you could taste at Stone, Lightning, Pizza Port, and AleSmith). And I think I can handle going to a meeting and drinking beer once a month.

Anyway, I promised to relate happenings, and the happenings have been related, so I'm off to enjoy my friday.

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Oh my goodness! one more way to show your nerdsome colors. You forgot to mention that the pub crawl involves a chartered bus so that only one person has to drive and by the end of the crawl the bus is just a riot of jolly fun(this is all second hand info, but sounds delightful). And, best of all, the crawl only costs 35 dollars! what a deal!

[Lynnea] on Friday, October 20th

Wait, do you HAVE to make your own beer to be able to partake in all this revelry? I am assuming you must...

[mary] on Thursday, February 1st

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