07/09/2006: "Brew day"

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No time for that big update I was promising at the moment. There's more exciting news to relate: In less than an hour I'm off to my friend Cole's house to brew my very first beer. What kind of beer you ask? Well, since my current favorite variety of beer are Saisons I've decided that that's what I'm going to be attempting. Which seems like it might be a little much for a first try, although Zac assures me that Belgians are more forgiving of mistakes for beginning brewers since if you do something that makes it a little funky it's ok, because Belgians are supposed to have a little funk.

I'm actually basing my recipe quite heavily on Zac's recent Saison #3. Due to my complete lack of any kind of brewing experience (other than sitting in with Cole when he brewed his lacto stout a couple months ago), and also probably in part because I have lit degree, I'm planning on naming my soon-to-exist beer "Saison Sans Expérience".

Anyway, I'd better end this post since I think Cole will be here to pick me up soon. I'll post again after the brew session and report how it went.

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Beer! The one thing there's always more of...
Well, I must say I am brimming with a simmering jealous brew of my own recipe.
Which brings me ask, is Lynnea mixing up a Scotch cake for you birthday? You thought that I had, perhaps, forgotten, but of course I have not!

[mary] on Monday, July 10th

Scotch cake? well what about a rum cake? Why don't you make him a scotch cake? you could bring it over to celebrate!

[Lynnea] on Monday, July 10th

Oh, happy happy day, anniversary of your exit from the womb and entrance into this mortal coil! I shall whip you up some scotch chocolate mousse to commemorate the occasion later on in the week, unless that's bad form.

[mary] on Tuesday, July 11th

Thanks. :) As for scotch chocolate mousse I don't think there could possibly be better form than that. In fact, until now I wasn't aware that form could be that good.

[Matt] on Tuesday, July 11th

Three Cheers for Scotch mousse. I have No idea how to make that but it sounds absolutely delicious. Actually I'd prefer a Scotch Moose. We met a moose at the coffee shop the other day. Very odd fellow, but he was chatty and nice.

[Lynnea] on Friday, July 14th

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