03/05/2006: "Standard update"

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Ok... so, all this seems like old news to me so I'll just do a quick recap (or I guess it's just a cap for those that don't know): First of all, the move down here to San Diego went well. Everything actually went pretty much just as planned and we're all nicely moved in, except for a couple of boxes that we don't know what to do with (mainly my cds... appearently they don't actually sell free-standing cd racks anymore, which makes some sense since they're ugly, but still...). Our new apartment is quite small but Lynnea and I both really like it.

As Zac surmised, we didn't get internet access at home until last wednesday (due to Cox being semi-incompetant), but now everything's working (well, except the phone) and I actually ended up having a free afternoon today on which to post, so here I am. The last couple of weeks have been ok, although shifting from working around 5 hours a day from home over to working 7 hours a day in the office has been pretty tiring. I think I'm actually going to get fridays off at work, since they're short days anyway, and usually dead. Yes yes, I know I'm incredibly lazy... but basically I've hardly had any time to do anything on my own (ie reading, studying, gaming, etc) since we got down here. Which isn't to say that I haven't been having any fun... it's really nice to be able to actually go out and hang out with friends and that sort of thing. Also, Lynnea and I went to zoo yesterday (we got memberships due to the cheapness and the fact that the zoo is within walking distance) which was really fun... and we can go back anytime we want which is also pretty cool. But still, an extra day every week to kinda catch up on my usual activites sounds pretty nice.

I can't think of much else to say beyond that for the moment. I still haven't come up with anything resembling a focus for the blog, though I was interested to find out that the world is clamoring for a blog about cute imitation bats eating south east asian cuisine (which I could... nah, I think they'd look at me weird if brought my rubber bat along next time I went to get pho...). Nevertheless, I shall endeavour to eventually find a way to be a stranger at my own website no more. These are my words.

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I feel better knowing that your 3-foot-deep-bathtub-of-a-pool (spa?) is properly gated and posted with a Warning, No Lifeguard on Duty sign.

[mary] on Wednesday, March 8th

I think that even more importantly, someone has posted a No Diving sign right above the little pool. It sure is cute though, the tiny pool with all the signs that people put by big pools. I think our itty bitty pool just wants to be a grown up pool!

[Lynnea] on Wednesday, March 15th

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