12/10/2004: "What do you with a drunken blogger?"

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Well, I say. I do have a blog after all. It seems I must inform some fellows down at the club that I've lost their little wager. No, not really, but seriously what is it about drinking that that somtimes brings out the Victorian man-about-town in me? One too many and I swear I half picture myself with monacle and a walking stick.

I think I'll not go into excuses for not having blogged of late, I'll simply say something pompous like, "I deemed it beneath me." or "I had quite gotten tired of slumming it on that world wide interweb of theirs, thank you very much. Honestly Bartholemew, I don't know how you do it." Ok so I don't know anyone named Bartholemew but admit it, you see me wearing a top hat when I say that, no? Possibly even filing my nails? Anyway... Why were you drinking so much you ask? I will tell you. See today was Lynnea's last day of school for the quarter so she wanted to get together with a bunch of her school friends, none of whom I know, plus a couple professors, and have some drinks. Nothing like being part of a large group of people you don't know at all to bring out the heavy drinker in you. Not that I really had all that much to drink, but certainly more than usual, especially for the timeframe. However, I daresay that I may be sober in before too long if I don't go downstairs and pour myself a tasty glass of bourbon. Yes, it's a definite danger.

Hem. Alright, I think I'd best put a stop to this vile practice of blogging e're I sound even stupider. After all it's not like I really have anything constructive to say. Note to self: As this is going to sound painfully stupid tomorrow morning you should probably do another post to keep this from being on the top of the page for very long.

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