11/19/2004: "Travelblogue - Day 1 - Preludes"

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Yep, now begins an exciting four-day ongoing series. Since I haven't really left the house for the last few months I've decided that I should run an ongoing travel blog of this weekend's trip to Seattle. Which should be crushingly dull to all of my readers but hey I haven't left the house in months, so humor me. Anyway, there isn't much to report yet since this is the first post and we haven't left yet. But I'm all packed and ready to go and my parents should be here to pick us up any minute in whatever form of behemoth they rented. I managed to actually get about 6 hours of sleep last night, which while not so much, is siginificantly more than I usually get the night before travelling.

Ah, I guess I haven't mentioned why I'm going to Seattle this weekend. See, the thing is even though I basically loathe football, my family have traditionally been Seahawks fans and this year my dad wanted to take us all to a game. So while the thought of sitting in the freezing wet cold for several hours on Sunday to watch football isn't that appealing, this is a excellent chance to hit some quality record stores and hey I've never actually been to Seattle. So it should be a pretty good time, frozen football watching aside. Anyway, I should be posting at least once a day till monday, and woo man, I hope you can take the excitement.

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