11/08/2004: "Bleah"

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Bleah. Yep, bleah. You heard it here first. Man, I am beset with the ennui tonight. I was feeling quite proud of myself yesterday after finishing Anachronox as well as both of the books I was reading but it seems to have left me without anything that I really want to do at all. There's no computer games I want to play, I don't feel like reading (even comics), there's not any movies or anything I want to watch, I don't really want to eat, or drink anything, or sleep, I'm sick of surfing the net, and attempting to be a less miserable Go player has given me a minor headache. I don't even really want to be blogging right now but I figured in a world where all options seem equally repellant, I might as well post.

Speaking of posting, I don't really have any reason for not having done any lately, except that I've been mysteriously braindead for the past couple weeks. Nothing I can pinpoint though. Halloween was uneventful but fun, and we picked up some green mugs with bats on them from Target, which made me quite happy. Lynnea's birthday was on the second and I got her a bunch of Hello Kitty swag and a Totoro shirt, which is the kind of stuff that is at least as fun to give as it is to recieve. Anyway, I've started feeling a little more animated the last couple days (not counting tonight) so maybe I'll be back on the blog path again. And in a few weeks there should be an exciting travel segment where I go all the way up to Canada and back, but mostly to Seattle. Can you handle the excitement? Can any of us? It remains to be seen. Anyway, my attention span is incredibly low tonight and I'm pretty amazed I got this far. I think I'm going to go find some sort of alcoholic beverage that can shorten my path to sleepiness. Tonight is killing me.

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