04/19/2004: "Fuzzy"

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Well, the weekend is over, and it's the ever dreaded monday. Seems like that happens way too often. First off: site news. Astute observers will note that I've added a small link that reads Contact Me on the upper left sidebar. For the purposes of avoiding spambots I've written an unnecessarily complex script that'll pop up a small window giving you my feedback address. So if anybody's been out there just dying to snark me, feel free. I'd apprecite any feedback, snarky or no. Heh, perhaps even if anyone has a suggestion for better topics than complaining.

As far as the inferred slight of friday's icon incident, I'm well over that I think. A weekend of sake and nerdism has bascially set me right again. My current problem is this... my brain is not quite functioning at full capacity. Nor half capacity. I mentioned missing two concerts recently due to memory lapse. It seems that was just one symptom. Not only is my memory currently shot, but my entire consciousness is incredibly fuzzy. I'm having difficulty reconciling the past, present, and future as a connected stream. They seem more like vague, unrelated entities. Even the recent past seems unconnected to my current existence. There's a constant feeling like I'm just starting something. I've also been mixing up dreams and reality when I first wake up in the morning. When I arrived at work this morning I was having difficulty getting my eyes to focus. It's all very disconcerting. At least it would be if I hadn't had this happened before. It seems like I go into this state once or twice a year. If memory serves me correctly (ha!) the last time this happened was sometime around last summer (though perhaps it was late spring, which would be interesting). It goes away eventually, but until then I'm going to have an incredibly difficult time actually getting anything done. A few months ago I was pop-diagnosed with normal dysthymic disorder by my roommate Pat with his DSM-IV-TR, and I'm wondering if this sort of thing corresponds to any of those symptoms. I suppose I'll have to look that up. Anyway, one would think I was leading up to some kind of point with this post, but alas, tis not the case.

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