04/05/2004: "Perception"

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When last we left our intrepid hero we found him an empty wasted shell of his former self, surrounded by the smoldering remains of his formerly glorious computer (ok, well, maybe not formerly glorious, but formerly working). Turns out the mainboard (I'm not sure if "motherboard" is still politically correct) was fried, though whether due to my actions or whether it was just its time to die remains unknown. So anyway, a brief trip to Fry's and $80 later I'm back in the game. And what a game it is. I'm not the really the type to rave about anything ever (I've learned over the years that nobody cares), but if you're in any way a Star Wars fan and you haven't checked out KOTOR yet, you really need to (you know, assuming you have either a game-playing PC or an X-Box). Really everything that we love about Star Wars and nothing that we hate is in this game. I was salivating heavily just wandering around the first level. Ok enough plugging.

So once again it's occured to me today just how little I percive of the world around me on a daily basis. It was partictularly bad today when, as I was parking my car, I suddenly noticed that there was most of a 20+ story building where there had been no building before. Which then drew my attention to the 10+ story building next to it which I also had never previously noticed. Now, granted it *is* Monday, but I highly doubt that buildings of this size were constructed over the weekend. I can only assume that they've been building them over the last 6 months or so and I somehow just never noticed. That's not just oblivious, that's disturbingly oblivious. It makes me seriously wonder just how much of the world is passing me by as I wander around in this mental fog, too wrapped up in my own thoughts and visions to even notice that hey, didn't you used to be able to see the bay?

Then again, parking my car in the lot is almost strictly a pre-coffee activity, so that could have something to do with it.

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